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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

An Outsiders View on Comping

You know that look. The look of 'you do what, sorry?' when you tell people that you're a 'comper'. The questions come thick and fast - how often do you enter, what do you win, how do you do it, How are you so lucky... etc.

People seem take one of two stances. They either seem to think that you're insane or want to get involved. I decided to get out there and ask some of my non-comping friends what they thought of the hobby. Boy, did I get some mixed responses....

The parents

Dad - I don't really understand it to be honest, I wouldn't like to sit on my computer all day and win things I don't need. It's nice to win things you want but I think it could quickly become a compulsive thing and therefore not as fun. However, I did enjoy the experience of going to the X-Factor live tour with you, and the amazing seats we got!

Mum - At first I thought why on earth are you doing that, but when I saw all the amazing things you have won I understand it more. It's a great way to get things that you couldn't otherwise afford, and to get people really unusual presents (such as X-factor example above). However, it seems to take up a lot of time and I would probably not do it myself. If there was a technique and I could look for specific things then I might give it a go. For someone who actually enjoys the whole process, it's worthwhile, but it's not worth the hassle just to win things if you hate doing it. It's a great way to put your competitive streak to good use. (Note to mum: there are techniques to find specific prizes, I shall teach you my ways....)

The boyfriend:

Well I've known compers before so I was aware it's a hobby that can lead to getting nice gifts and tickets for things. I think it can be quite time consuming, but that's the whole idea of a hobby! I spend time working to earn money, so wouldn't really want to do something as a hobby that I'd consider work. Mind you I am more than happy to be a massive leech, and share your prizes! 😝

The sister:

Emm, so I think my honest opinion would be that you have proved exactly what commitment can do in that you have won some amazing prizes. However I think that someone with a full time job and other commitments like kids or a busy social life wouldn't be able to give it the commitment you have and hence wouldn't reep the benefits. And just as you have won some incredible prizes, some are questionable (angry birds single duvet cover anyone...?!) That said I really admire your commitment to the hobby and I'm glad you enjoy it, I can see how it can be addictive! Equally I am not intending on taking it up myself.

The flatmates:

1) I didn't quite get what it was at first, so I suppose my first thought was part confusion and part interest. I had a quick look in to it a few years ago and struggled to understand how the websites worked and couldn't be bothered to put in the effort to learn so just sort of forgot about it...I think it sounds really exciting (winning stuff always is I suppose) but I don't think I have the patience to do it myself. So in other words, I think it sounds like a fun hobby but also probably not one I'd ever take up because it's not really suited to me (a lazy person).

2) My first thoughts when you told me were actually just genuine astonishment that one can actually win stuff. Like when you told me you won your Apple Watch in a radio competition I thought that was so cool, cause I never think to enter any just because I never believed it would work. So my view of the hobby is a really positive one, I really envy your commitment to it as well and all the packages you get all the time (theres a few more waiting for you here in the kitchen btw).

The fellow student:

I really thinks it's a cool hobby! Because you are spending your time doing something that actually gets you stuff and you seem really enthusiastic about it. It's nice to see people really into their hobbies. I mean I just play video games and martial arts I don't win iPads and stuff. Plus trying to win competitions and that sort of thing is fun in of itself!

The friend:

Surprise: I had no idea you did it, I was shocked you did. I was impressed at your commitment, following and success though! I was also intrigued to see what it's about, and to hear all the stuff you'd won. I actually considered starting up myself, but it only lasted a day as I guess I wasn't bothered enough to put the effort in.

Thanks to everyone who answered my questions! What do your friends and family think of comping? Comment below any responses you've had, the funnier the better!

Luck and Love,



  1. The time demands are a common theme aren't they?! I suspect most civilians have no idea how much time it takes to be a consistent success in this game. More time than I have anyway!

  2. I admit that my house keeping standards have gone out the window the last 2 years and I spend too long but it sure keeps me happy and a better addiction than drugs ,alcohol and smoking x

  3. It is an amazing hobby but it is so important to keep that balance - I was having my most wins during a period of post natal depression and despite winning some of my 'best' and biggest wins during that time, i was so unhappy - the comping both helped me cope (as it gave me something to focus on) but also became a monster of an addiction (staying up til 4am to get through the comps and then having to be up again at 6am when the kids woke up). The past year or so I've had a lot more balance and now I have only a tiny fraction of the wins i did then but I also have a life i am happy with and a new job that I think my comping 'skills' helped me to get. Other peoples reaction generally is either 'weird' or 'wow' and loads of people have said i should write a book about my wins - No chance of finding the time for that with 3 kids and a new job!!!