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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Prize Unboxing: September 2016

Prize: Tickets to the Glasgow Wedding Show
From: Tie The Knot
Entry: Online Form

Prize: Football Training Kit
From: Asda/Richmond Sausages
Entry: Online Form

Prize: Framed Print
From: TheKitchyMumma
Entry: Instagram (Follow and Like)
Note: Was Very Low Entry

Prize: Jeffree Star Lipstick
From: MissRQureshi
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Florasaurus Toy
From: Flora
Entry: Purchase Necessary

Prize: Lego Superhero Movie
Entry: Click-to-Win

Prize: Hoodie, Mug and other Uni Essentials
From: Capital FM
Entry: Real Life Spin the Wheel

Prize: Peanut Hottie
From: Peanut Hottie
Entry: Facebook

Prize: Coffee
From: Profile Coffee Company
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Shoes
From: Total Soleutions
Entry: Instagram (Follow, Like, Tag 2 Friends)

Prize: Mug
From: Signal 1 FM
Entry: Radio Quiz

Prize: OWL SHOES (I'm excited, okay?)
From: Haaty London
Entry: Instagram (Follow and Tag)

Prize: Just Us Box
From: Just Us

Prize: Collection of Books
From: Watkins
Entry: Instagram (Follow, post a photo with the tag #effortlesslymindful)

Prize: Recipe Book
From: Lotus Biscuits
Entry: Instagram Effort Comp/Purchase Necessary

Prize: Summer Bag
From: Oxford Campus
Entry: Facebook (comment where you want to go on holiday)

This months favourite prize: The Owl Shoes. I love them so much!

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