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Thursday 1 October 2015

Mobile Money: Apps that can make you quids in!

In the modern world, it seems people are glued to their mobile phones - I know that my dad is forever asking if mine is welded to my hand. Sometimes I will find myself unlocking my phone, before realising I had no purpose for doing it, it's just habit. So I began to wonder if I could use this slight mobile addiction to make money...and was incredible 'appy' (pun intended) to find that, yes you most certainly can.

I began by doing some research into brands I already used for surveys etc. (check out my blog post ) and would therefore be able to use these more on the go, making more money. Swagbucks has an app for watching videos to earn SwagBucks in the UK but not a full app. This can be handy if you are in a WiFi spot, but would use far too much 3G when out and about, so perhaps not the best.

But I was looking for something new, something beyond more surveys.

Now, I love shopping, and weirdly enough I love food shopping too. I love going round trying to find the best deals and working out what the best bargain is. So when I found an app that made this process even better, I was sold.

Introducing: Checkout Smart.

Checkout Smart is a cashback app that gives you money back when you buy certain items. This is brilliant if you are buying this item anyway as cashback can range from 20p to £1.50 or more on certain items! They also often run competitions, encouraging you to upload a receipt. So why not upload a receipt and see if you can get some money off your shopping? In around 2 months I have made almost £20 and have already successfully received my money into my PayPal account with no issues.

But take note: you need £5 minimum to make a transaction and anything below £20 incurs a 5% fee. It's not much, and they have to make some money somewhere, but its worth considering saving up your cashback until you hit that £20 to save you even more money!

Another favourite...Click&Walk

Now when I first got this app, I wasn't a fan, as it can take a while to get going. The idea is that you take pictures of things and answer some quick questions - much faster than most surveys. You can get 0.40 for simple tasks such as'what you had for dinner', and £5 for going into a shop and taking pictures of displays and prices (I totally loved this last one, as I felt like a spy. And I got paid for it. So technically I'm a pro spy, right?) At first, the offers were few and far between, and you will get asked for lots of unpaid jobs to begin with. But perseverance is key. The more you take part, the more ClicPoints you get, and so you move up levels. Now that I am using it often I am receiving good payed offers fairly regularly.

Since discovering vouchercloud,  I have vowed never to go out for a meal without checking for vouchers. I was recently going out for dinner with a friend and we decided on the restaurant we were going solely because it offered the best discount (40% off main meals, yes please!). Committed money savers indeed.

Simply download the app, enter your location, and check where the nearest deals are. Big chains such as Pizza Express are involved and you can get huge savings from 20 - 40%+ off food and often good 2 course deals or 2 for 1 deals. Be sure to double check with the staff before you start your meal that they are accepting the deal on that day, and always check restrictions such as times, number of people per table and if drink is included.

Tengi is not a guaranteed earner, but I have had some success. If you are constantly messaging your friends and chatting on your phone, you will have good chance of making some money while you do so. Tengi is a chat app like many others, BUT you have the chance to win some money. Nearly every Friday they do a draw for cash prizes and, depending on how many tickets you have collected during the week, you get numerous entries.

To get more entries simple use the app each day, keep the app installed, and encourage people in your contacts to download the app. In my first week of using it, I won £5, which I chose to be converted into Amazon vouchers. Simple quick, and no extra effort on my part. For more info, read this blog post.

If you are quite active Bounts is the app for you. It rewards you for checking in at gyms, sports classes and certain locations and, if you sync it with an app that tracks your activity or steps, you have even more chance of earning points.

The idea is, you collect points for being active and, once you reach a certain number of points, you can exchange this for vouchers. It's such a good way to motivate you to keep active - if theirs one thing that will encourage me to stick to my fitness goals, it's getting paid for it!

These are just a selection of my favourite apps that I have downloaded, tried and used with success. If you have another app sitting on your phone you want to recommend or want tested, just let me know in the comments or via twitter @LaurieBeat. For ways to enter competitions on your mobile, see my post on Mobile Comping here.

Thanks for reading and happy saving!

Laurie :)

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