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Friday 17 June 2016

Comping Bloopers

I love comping. In fact, I'm almost (read definitely) addicted to it. However, there are some moments when you wonder what on earth you are doing. The level of commitment we sometimes put into our brilliant hobby can give us some hilarious moments. Here are my comping bloopers, and I would love to hear yours in the comments - go on, let's have a laugh about this amazing and crazy game we play! If I get enough good ones, I'll feature them in the next update!

1) When you change your diet to consist mainly of crisps to find that winning code (one day I will get a K).

2) The ever changing shopping list, and therefore meals, depending on the current on pack promotions. And the difficulty in reading those tiny T&Cs on the back of the packet when you've forgotten your glasses.

3) The excitement of seeing that famous three letter word, even if it is followed by disappointment:

4) Doubling back on yourself to pick up some rubbish because you can't help but womble when you see the word win.

5) Listening to music you can't stand just to hear the radio presenter announce a competition.

6) Changing your daily routine to have lunch at crazy times in case it is your name announced on the radio.

7) That box that all compers have full of random things they are determined to use one day (yes, even the automatic toothpaste dispenser). 

8) When people ask how you have mutual friends with someone on Facebook and you have to admit you've never met each other in real life, but they did help you win tickets to that concert you went to!

9) Answering every phone call with a hopeful 'hello' only to be offered compensation from that accident you had when driving....even though you don't drive.

10) Answering the phone EVERYWHERE - from supermarkets to toilets. Who knows if its a win!

11) Shamelessly asking friends for their empty wrappers because you know there's a competition on it. Even better, offering to collect people's rubbish, only to be selective what rubbish you collect depending on if it's a potential win or not.

12) Uploading photos on Instagram from 3 years ago because it fits a competition brief. Just tell people you went blonde for a day and then dyed it back!

13) That bag full of empty promotional packs and receipts, just in case they ask for proof that you bought the item.

14) Every moment is a potential winning photo moment. Up a hill? Strike a pose. Dancing in the pub? Get it on camera. And then retaking the shot countless times to make sure it's perfect.

15) Being dressed like a lunatic in a public place to get a funny photo entry.

16) That all to familiar roll of the eyes when you start talking about comping to non-compers.

Embarrassing, funny and annoying, but all worth it for that win! What's your biggest comping blooper? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

Luck and Love,



  1. Looks like I'm a bit of a part-timer - I can't listen to the radio (the children make enough noise already!) and I don't change my diet in the name of comping (my groceries get delivered and I cant trust them to pick the right products!). On the other hand, I do answer EVERY withheld number that calls me. Which translates to about one winning call in three years, and one PPI chancer every three minutes...

    Whenever a non-comper asks me where I've found something new, I just tell them "I won it. It's what I do." I like the slightly puzzled look in their eyes as they fail to compute :D

    I should add 17) Telling my kids to button it because I'm composing, recomposing and re-recomposing my tie-break tweet that's going to win me an awesome holiday to, say, Dubai, then telling them it's their fault we're not going, because they made too much noise for me to think straight!

    1. Haha, well I am a student so have more time to play with :P Yes, the PPI calls are a nuisance! Haha, my friends have started saying that the reply 'Oh, this? I won it.' is becoming a 'Lorna' thing to say! Oooh those tie breakers, I have a little book that I write a few generic ones in (when I have a peaceful moment to think) so later I can look back and either use one, or get inspiration from others! Good luck!

  2. PS: you have an automated toothpaste dispenser?!

    1. Yes, still in its box. Still trying to justify the laziness of it :P

    2. I'd love the laziness, but if you find you *really* can't justify it, can I recommend taking it to a hospice or retirement home? I can imagine it working a treat for someone with Parkinsons or some other condition that zaps finger strength/dexterity. Plus you'd get a little warm glow :)

  3. I love being a comping groups the more I win the more addictive it is! Generally people think I'm crazy but I like to think they are secretly jealous ha ha!

  4. One boob i did recently in a comp mag i entered a craft comp,Hoping to win crafting stuff for my sister maybe extra for Xmas.(crafting not my thing) Only to have a phone call from the comp promoter(not to say i had won mind you) but wanted to know what i liked in the mag & would i be interested in having the mag @ reduced rate for 3mths. Cringing i had to say i had the mag given to me.LIAR lol

  5. Another thing that keeps happening to me is buying the comping product,Only to find i cant get the comping info eg: number code or the details off the product to read cant pull the label off as it tears or soak it as it disintegrates.So annoying.