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Monday, 2 October 2017

Prize Unboxing: September 2017

Prize: Kitvision Camera
From: Kitvision
Entry: Facebook

Prize: Goody Bag
From: Capital FM
Entry: Freshers Week Stall

Prize: Brush Markers
From: Art Ideas UK
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Veggie Bars
From: Veggie Bars
Entry: Online Form

Prize: Steel Water Bottle
From: Root7
Entry: Instagram

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Entering Competitions in Magazines

Recently I had my first magazine win, a £50 cheque from Take a Break magazine. Now, there's a bit of a saga about this, but let's just pretend the prize wasn't 6 months late and that the cheque didn't bounce. The competition itself was a picture puzzle and I entered online. There are lot's of magazine competitions out there, and there's something for everyone. Here are the top magazines no matter what your comping style:

1) For the puzzler

There are so many puzzle magazines to choose from. Take a Break and Chat are two of my favourites because there are a variety of prizes on offer and you can enter online or by post. I tend to look out for magazine that aren't just offering one big prize of say, a holiday, as this will likely have many entrants and often other magazines from the same brand are offering the very same holiday. Chances are, all entrants from across the magazines will be bundled together into one draw (read high entry).

This month, I bought the Chat Crosswords magazine which boasts prizes from a holiday to some cake mix. The competitions had a varying number of winners too, giving a better chance of winning. Another good place to look for puzzle competitions is the daily newspaper. In Glasgow the Daily Record does a great puzzle pullout on a Tuesday. I entered this every week at one point, with no wins, however it is worth checking to see if your local paper does something similar... you've got to be in it to win it! The great thing about the puzzles in the papers is that, often, you have to send away an entry form to enter. The cost and effort of this may put people off and so there will be less entrants.

Puzzle magazines are not a guaranteed win, so only spend your cash if you actually enjoy doing the puzzle too!

2) For the saver

Some people don't like to spend any money on comping, and it is definitely possible to win without splashing the cash. Weatherspoons have a monthly crossword competition in the back of their free magazine, so make sure to pick one up next time you're at your local. Free magazines in shops such as Boots, Superdrug (both need a loyalty card) and Tiso's are good places to look for free magazines with competitions in them. At my local comping group, we swap magazines that have competitions in them and help each other to complete the puzzles and competition entries. It's also a great way of discovering a new magazine and being sociable!

Another way to find free magazines is to order a sample. These can be found on freebie websites such as Freebie Site UK. Fill in your details to order one free issue of a magazine. But be warned they will call you up to confirm you want the magazine and try to sell you a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime, not-to-be-missed, life changing deal such as 3 magazines for £3 that will require you to give them your card details. This is where I politely say no thanks, just the freebie, back away slowly and don't have my life changed by 3 magazines. Such is life.

3) For the brains

If your standard crosswords and wordsearches don't tickle the brain cells enough for you, New Scientist has a fantastic competition that requires a bit of random knowledge (or excellent Google skills). At the end of the magazine, there is a section called 'The Last Word' where an everyday issue is questioned and the readers write in their answers. Every answer that is published earns a cool £25: find questions that need answering here: 

I was introduced to this by one of my friends who has the makings of a great comper. Here are his thoughts on it:

" I must have answered at least ten questions so far which have been published. Published answers receive a £25 prize, so that's at least £250 that I've accumulated over the years. If you have a good idea of the question's answer, and can formulate it into a clear and concise few paragraphs, then you've got a very high chance of being published and getting the £25 as I should think it's fairly low participation. I tend to go for the biology-related ones. It's kind of a win-win situation, as I've often learnt a great deal myself by considering readers' questions, many of which are unusual and thought-provoking, and if necessary doing a bit of extra research online to be able to give a fuller answer; on the other hand, it's also very gratifying to know that I'm elucidating the mysterious workings of the natural world for the New Scientist's readers. Here's an example of one of my answers that got published this year: "

So basically, if you can write in a clear and consice way and love learning new things, this is the competition for you. It's also a bonus that it is always running, in fact, your answer may not appear in the subsequent issue of New Scientist but be saved for a future issue. So don't despair if you aren't seeing result straight away.

There are often similar competitions in other magazines where you have to write a letter or take a picture of your magazine in an exotic place (Glamour magazine is good for this) so make sure to take a look in your regular magazines- you may find a competition that's been sitting under your nose!

4) For the compers

C'mon, I couldn't do a whole article of comping in magazine without mentioning THE comping magazine: Compers News. Now, I am not sponsored, endorsed or writing for Compers News so this is my honest opinion as a regular user of the magazine. 

The magazine costs £59.40 for the year and you get it delivered monthly. The magazine contains listings of competitions that you can find: from text competitions to purchase necessary. If you are the type of comper who enjoys working through competitions in a strategical way (such as on competition listings online) this is a great resource. I like having something that isn't totally computer based for a change, and there are also some great (and very tricky) puzzle competitions in it to get a complete break from online comping. I have only won one prize that I found in the magazine (and no in-house comps) since I became a subscriber, but I still really enjoy the magazine. It also gives you access to online forums which are full of comping tips! If you are serious about your comping, it would recommend it, however I know many compers who do just fine without it.

5) For the kids

Kids magazines are a great place to be looking for competitions. They are often lower value prizes but also lower entry and so a higher chance of winning. It's also a great way to get the kids into comping from a young age (and perhaps more willing to look silly for photos?). I personally don't have children, so cannot recommend a specific magazine for comping, but keep an eye out next time your child buys a magazine and have a flick through before it gets lost in the depths of their room (or recycled).

So there's the low-down on magazine competitions. These are just some of my own personal favourites when it comes to comping using magazines, . Comment below if you like using magazines to enter competitions, and what your favourites are!

Luck and Love, 



Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Prize Unboxing: August 2017

This months prize unboxing, more details to follow.

Luck and Love,


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Prize Unboxing: July 2017

Prize Unboxing: July 2017

Prize: Vita Liberata Tanning Kit
From: Beauty Expert Com
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Sculpting Cream
From: Style Freedom
Entry: Unknown

Prize: Popsocket
From: RTL
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Lipstick
From: Wilkinson Sword
Entry: Purchase Necessary

Prize: Cinnamon Drinks
From: Cinnamora
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Porridge Sample
From: Moma
Entry: Online Form

Prize: Wax Strips
From: Nair
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Welly Boots
From: Grubs
Entry: Instagram (Regram)

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Swagbucks: Top Tips to Earn Vouchers

Like more and more people in this increasingly technological world, I spend a lot of time with my eyes glued to a screen. The lure of Facebook, YouTube and Netflix all seem too much to resist. Surely there’s a better way to be using this screen time? Surely I can Swag some Bucks?

To put it simply, Swagbucks is a website where you complete tasks that you would be doing when online anyway, and get rewarded with a currency called Swagbucks. This adds up until you can swap it for gift cards. Some examples of ways to earn Swagbucks are:
  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Using the SwagBucks search engine
  • Playing games
  • Shopping
If these seem like things that you would be doing anyway then that’s half the battle won! Sign up here and follow these top tips for making the most of Swagbucks.

1) Loyalty Pays

Swagbucks have a great system in place to encourage you to visit every day - every day you get given a daily target and each day you hit this target you get a bonus. Then, every 7 days you consecutively reach this target you get another bonus, reaching a total of 300SB if you manage to make it every day of the month. At the start of the next month, pick up your bonuses from the previous month, or else you will miss out.

2) Get into a routine

It is easier than you may think to visit Swagbucks every day - just add it into your routine and you'll hardly notice! For example, I always squeeze in a survey first thing in the morning as I eat my breakfast. Then, I will watch a few videos while I’m having my lunch and play some games in the evening after I’m finished studying. I would be on my laptop doing mindless tasks anyway, so why not earn some Swagbucks?

3) Searching for SwagBucks

One of the changes I hardly noticed was searching through Swagbucks. By setting your search engine to the Swagbucks one instead of Google, Bing or Yahoo, you have a chance to win bucks every time you search the internet. You won't win every time, and if you have won you won't get another winning search for another few hours, but the occassional 5-15SB really adds up.

As someone who has always used Google, I was a bit dubious about whether or not these search results would be up to scratch. However, the search engine is actually run by Yahoo, so they are pretty reliable. The only difference that I have noticed is that it’s not as good as Google at predicting what you are going to search for, but it’s a small detail in the grand scale of things.

4) Swag Button

Another way to easily integrate Swagbucks into your usual routine is the Swagbutton. This is a little icon on the top right of your toolbar (a bit like the Pintrest button) that means you can access Swagbucks  easily while elsewhere on the net. You can watch videos while on other sites (who doesn't love a good technology multi-task), use the search engine, and find quick links to shopping offers! Another bonus is that it gives you an alert when there is a new SwagCode available.

What’s a SwagCode I hear you ask?

Well, every so often, Swagbucks give out a few Swagbucks and all you need to do is enter a code into the appropriate box. These can be found on certain pages of the Swagbucks site and also are often posted on their Facebook page – so worth following them. You can also Google (or SwagSearch) for the latest codes, as there are some sites dedicated to posting up SwagCodes as soon as they are released (such as But be aware that there is a time limit to each code, so enter it as soon as you see it!

5) Surveys

To earn large amounts of Swagbucks fast, surveys are the way to go. The rewards can vary from 20SB up to over 200SB but the time they take also varies massively. In addition, it's very common to get screened out and miss out on the full reward (but you do get 1SB when this happens). One 10 minute survey can be enough to hit the daily target - so if this is all you have time for, prioritise the surveys. For other great survey sites, check out this post.

6) Shopping

If you are someone that does a lot of online shopping, Swagbucks offers a certain number of SB per pound spent at specific stores. If you have installed the SwagBucks Toolbar you will automatically be alerted when you are on a site that offers SwagBucks for your purchases. It works in a similar way to cashback - the reward won’t be instant, as they have to make sure you don’t cancel or return your order. When making big purchases, you can really rake in the points. Also, look out for promotional periods where they offer things like double bucks on certain sites.

7) Videos

Who doesn't wish that you could get paid for all that time on Youtube? Well, SwagBucks offer something pretty close - although there is a 150 SB daily earn limit. You can pick from a wide variety of genres such as Fitness, Food, Entertainment and Fashion. I particularly like watching the trailers to the newest films that have come out, or doing Yoga along with the fitness instructor in the video. If ever there was motivation to work out, it’s getting paid for it! 

By combining all of these techniques, the Swagbucks can build up fast! I tend to earn around £10-£20 a month in Amazon vouchers – not enough to quit uni and live off, but a nice wee bonus when you want to treat yourself, or take the strain of the Christmas shopping debt. Last year, I saved up just over £100 of Amazon vouchers and got all my Christmas shopping done without paying a penny. 

Currently, I'm saving up my vouchers to buy a bike for getting to and from uni – something I couldn’t normally afford to buy. So even if you are on a tight budget, you can still treat yourself and your family, without breaking your budget. Sign up here and get earning!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

June 2017 Prizes

This month I have been unable to film a prize unboxing, as I have been away volunteering at the RSPB Loch Lomond similar to what I did last year but for 3 months. This means that I have less time (and signal) for comping and also filming.

However, I have put together a wee guide to what I won this month, just without the Scottish accent talking you through it.

Prize: Fidget Spinner
From: Snatch
Method: I won this by playing a game called Snatch that you download as an app on your phone or tablet. It's a bit like Pokemon Go but with the chance to win prizes! This month from Snatch I also won:

 - 2 Month Now TV Sky Cinema Pass
- 50% off Now TV Sky Sports Month Pass
- £5 to Spend at PrezzyBox
- Just Move In conceirge service (worth £290)
- Lots of in-game prizes such as coins and diamonds

If you want to get involved with Snatch, download the app and, if you fancy it, try my referral code: RWKSCR

Prize: Hot Tomato Pickle
From: English Provender
Method: Instagtam (Like and tag a friend - thanks Neill!)

Note: I was tagged in this competition by Neill Johnstone who knows that spicy food + Lorna = NO and so he commented asking if it would too hot. Ironically I won and proceeded to prove him right by being a wuss while eating a spicy cheese sandwich...

The rest was donated to my dad.

Prize: Scratch off world map
From: I Want to go With You
Method: Instagram (Like and tag 5 friends)

This was a very low entry competition. 39 comments, but not all were valid as some people simply commented 'Love it!!!' rather than reading the rules.

So there we have my short and sweet prize list this month. Lots of nice little things to keep me going! See you next month.

Luck and Love, 



Thursday, 29 June 2017

Purchase Necessary Competitions

As a comper, walking round the supermarket can take a fair bit longer than for most people (much to the annoyance of those who are with me). The word 'WIN' just seems to shout out at me, calling me to buy it. But should we buy everything with a competition on it? Here is my guide to what to buy and what to leave on the shelf:

1) Is purchase really necessary?

For a lot of compers, this amazing hobby is a way of saving, or even making, money. Therefore having to buy something, like a product or a magazine, could be out of the question. This doesn't meant that they cannot be looking for competitions in the supermarket. The other day I found this competition on the side of neck of a Belvoir cordial bottle that had no purchase necessary in very small letters. Just shows, it's always worth checking before buying.

Mission Competition Facebook group post

2) Get the inside knowledge

Products that you do need to buy tend to have a code somewhere on the packaging to enter online. These can either be found on the outside of the packet (such as the barcode) or a unique code hidden inside the container. 

Now, is one better than the other? Call me paranoid, but I like to go for one that is hidden so that no one could steal my winning code. On top of that, even if your code hasn't been pinched, other ones may have been meaning that there could be more entrants. Most competitions ask you to keep the receipts, but unfortunately some people will still chance it.

3) Keep the evidence

Can you imagine getting a winning email, jumping for joy and then realising that you've binned the receipt and packaging that is required to claim your prize? Unfortunately it does happen, so be sure to keep all your receipts for purchase necessary competitions. 

I like to keep mine in an expanding file so that it's not a massive chore to find them if ever I do need a receipt. Every so often (i.e. rarely) I go through this file and bin the old receipts for competitions that are over and done with. It's nice to keep on top of things like this, however rarely it happens.

4) Go for the mop-up draws

Just because a competition is finished, this does not mean it's over. No, I have not gone insane, most competitions have a mop-up draw that can go on for months after the original promotional period has ended. I look out for products in the bargain aisles that are on the cheap because the packaging is 'out of date'. Great way to get a good bargain and enter a competition! The majority of people will only enter a competition during the promotional period so, even if there are less prizes, there may also be less entrants.

Also, always check what the prizes are. Often the mop-up draw is cash, so if you don't like the look of the main prize on offer, save your codes for the thing you really want to win.

5) Waste not, want not

As a student, money-saver and comper, I hate waste. Therefore, I don't like to buy products that I wouldn't actually use. For example, I'm not a big fan of belvita biscuits, however I really fancied the coffee machine on offer in their latest competition. My solution? Buy the product, enter the code (if it's on the back of packaging) and donate the unopened packet to the local food bank.

This doesn't work so well if the code is inside the product, such as the Maynards competition to win flights to New Zealand. Luckily my future brother-in-law loves sweets and was perfectly happy to help me polish off a pack in exchange for the code!

6) Save the best til last

Here's the big one: when to enter. For some competitions, it will not matter in the slightest. For example, a competition that all the entries go into one massive draw. If it's a daily or a weekly draw, you may be better to save your codes for later on, near the end of the competition. This is when promotional packaging is harder to find and so less people will be entering. 

I remember tweeting Actimel asking where all the promotional packaging had gone, even though there was over a month left of their competition. They told me that only a certain number was made and so it was first come first served. Lesson: buy it when you see it, even if it's not started yet, and save the codes for later in the promotional period. Just don't forget that you bought them.... On the other hand, if it is the first few days of the promotion, get in there early, as people may not have heard about the competition yet, or shops may not have the promotional packets in stock. 

This also works for winning moments. If you are entering at the start of the promotion, you'll be one of many and therefore less likely to hit that winning moment. However, if you hold back your codes, less people will be entering, and winning moments may even run over giving you an even better chance of winning. 

So next time you hit the shops, get ready to switch up your shopping list. I love coming home with random items and creating a meal with random ingredients just because they had a competition on them. 

What do you think of purchase necessary competitions? Comment below and let me know about your successes, opinions and most random item that you have bought for a competition!

Luck and Love, 



Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Prize Unboxing: May 2017

Prize: Revision Kit
From: Stabilo
Entry: Online Form (answer a simple question)

Prize: Chocolate and Breakfast Bundle
From: Raw Halo
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Cloud 9 Moisturiser
From: this is powder
Entry: Instagram

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Prize Unboxing: April 2017

A much shorter unboxing this month due to exams. I've been focussing my efforts on holiday competitions so the smaller prizes that keep me going are less. Here's hoping it will all be worth it in the end!

Prize: Party Pack
From: The Sugar Stop Co
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Stationary Bundle
From: Roger La Borde
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Skinny Hot Chocolate
From: My Protein
Entry: Instagram

Prize: £50 cheque (which bounced)
From: Bauer Media
Entry: Magazine Competition

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Prize Unboxing: March 2017

Prize: Massive Beauty Bundle
From: Bang On Style
Entry: Blog Competition 
Note: Check out Di Coke's Linky List for Blog Comps:

Prize: Football
From: Walkers
Entry: Photo Competition: Twitter

Prize: Recipe Book
From: Mumsnet
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Headphones
From: Urbanz
Entry: Instagram

Prize: TEA!
From: Daily Cultures
Entry: Twitter

Prize: £100 Edinburgh Woolen Mill Voucher
From: Take-a-Break
Entry: Click-To Win
Note: For tips on entering Click-to-Wins see here:

Prize: 2 Dresses
From: Brand Attic
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Mens Razer
From: Mr Hyde
Entry: Online Entry

Saturday, 11 March 2017

McDonalds Monopoly

March the 22nd. Put the date in your diary. No, it's not the coolest festival coming to town, nor the world biggest pizza being given out for free, it's better... it's the return of the compers favourite - McDonalds Monopoly.

I only really got into this last year, as it was the first year I had a Maccy D's within walking distance. The other reason I got so into it, is that it is on at the same time that revision starts big time for uni exams. This means that when I was bored of the library (most of the time) or couldn't be bothered to cook (also most of the time), McDonalds was the perfect solution. I would sit down with my meal deal and whip out the study books.

So, how does it work? 

When you order certain foods, they will have a sticker on them - either an online code, an instant win or a sticker that resembles one of the Monopoly properties. Then, you can stick your property on one of the Monopoly Board sheets that you can pick up in the restaurant. These are either on the Tray Liners, or a pocket sizes fold up version can be found at the entrance or tills. Once you collect all the properties of the same colour, you win a prize!

Just like the classic Monopoly board game, some stickers are more valuable than others (everyone got fond memories of family bickering about who always collects the dark blues?). Mayfair and Park Lane are both the rarest and highest ticket items, so if you see one of them, grab it and and guard it with your life (last year one of these sold for over £1,000 on eBay).

What should I order? 

Certain items have more stickers than others. For example, a large fries has 3 while Mozzarella sticks have 2 . Sorry all you chicken nuggets fans, they have no stickers on them at all. Every Game Piece is either a double or a triple this year, meaning that there is always an Online Game sticker, and then either an Instant Win or a Property. The Online Game stickers have a code on them which can be entered online at any point during the game period (22nd March - 2nd May). Try to enter these at less popular times (such as early morning or late at night) rather than lunchtime or after school when people may be entering codes as they find them. However, with two winning moments a minute, don't feel the need to miss out on some quality sleep for it. Some prizes are of higher value, but all prizes are randomly distributed to winning moments throughout the day.

Not a McDonalds fan? Fear not! I often went in and bought a large Coke Zero (3 Stickers) to get me through my studying and wombled the rest (for more on wombling, see below). So what's best to buy? Here are the lists of Double and Triple stickered items:

Double: Medium Fries, Medium Fizzy Drink, Cadbury Creme Egg/Caramel McFlurry, Mozzarella Dippers, Regular Iced Frappé or Iced Fruit Smoothie.

Triple: Large Fries, Large Fizzy Drink, Premium Salad (excluding Shaker Side Salad), Chicken Legend (on own, with bacon or 3/5 pieces), Big Tasty (on own or with bacon), The BBQ, The Classic or The Spicy from The Signature Collection

Also note that the Shaker Side Salads, medium or large hot drinks and drinks served in bottles or cartons only get stickers when ordered after 10:30am as part of a Medium Meal (2 stickers) or a Large Meal (3 stickers).

Know the items that do and do not get your a sticker, and always, always, always ask for a sticker if your item didn't have one when it should. They began to run out last year and so many places just stopped putting stickers on the items. When I mentioned that the competition period hadn't finished yet, the manager magically found some stickers to attach to my items. Perfect. 


Sitting in McDonalds for a long time while I studied not only gave me a change of scene, but allowed me to do a fair bit of wombling too. Not everyone is a keen Comper, and so when they saw that their sticker wasn't an instant win, they just discarded it. Once they had left I would move over to their table and snap up the stickers. Even if you already have the property, you can swap 10 spare properties for a 1 month NowTV pass.

Some people may give you funny looks (it's all part of comping), but some people might actually help you out. Last year I had one guy chat to me about my comping and then before he left he gave me a massive bundle of stickers that he had been collecting. What a nice guy!

There is also the chance to womble on the streets (bus stops and McDonalds car parks are good) but this is far less hygienic so I tend to stick to the restaurant...unless it's Mayfair of course. 

From free meals (read free stickers) to £100k in Cash, there is a wide variety of prizes on offer. Even a wee £30 boohoo voucher or a NowTV pass is worth the odd trip to your local Maccy D's. So get involved and get ready to collect. I will be setting up a thread on my Facebook group for swapping properties and tips, so stayed tuned for that!

Played before? Comment below with your success stories and tips.

Luck and Love, 


Friday, 3 March 2017

Prize Unboxing: February 2017

Prize: 12 Bam Milkshakes
From: Bam Life
Entry: Instagram

Prize: £30 Scotmid Vouchers
From: Scotmid
Entry: Twitter

Prize: 5 Lipmate Lipbalms
From: Milly Cookbook
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Benfit Make Up
From: Benefit
Entry: Instagram

Prize: 2 Cracking Eggs
From: The Cracking Egg Company
Entry: Twitter

Prize: With Love Box
From: With Love

Prize: A Case of Soup
From: Yorkshire Provender
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Beauty Bundle and Skinade
From: Rainbow Cosmetics
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Valentines 
From: Potion London
Entry: Instagram

Prize: A Years Supply of Mornflake Porridge
From: Mornflake
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Up2Jawbone Activity Tracker
From: Amy Healthy Living
Entry: Instagram

Prize: X Factor Tickets
From: Gigs and Tours
Entry: Snapchat

Prize: Yoga Outfit
From: Fabletics
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Health Bundle
From: Windmill Organics
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Tea and a Mug
From: Ahmed Tea
Entry: Twitter

Prize: NewZapp Mug
From: MewZapp
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Personalised KitKat
From: KitKat
Entry: Purchase Necessary

Prize: Harry Potter Mug
From: Truffle Shuffle
Entry: Instagram

Favourite Prize This Month: Tricky one but I think I have to go for the X Factor tickets. Our seats were right at the front and I had such an amazing time with my Dad. Fingers crossed I'm lucky again next year!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Prize Unboxing: January 2017

Prize: Tom's Daily Plan Cookbook
From: Milly Cookbook
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Honest Predictions 2017 Calendar
From: The New Witty
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Sports Earphones
From: Urbanz
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Little Black Dress Perfume
From: Cath's Avon
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Baking Bundle
From: Roddas Cream
Entry: Instagram (Effort)
My Entry: 

Prize: Lipcote Bundle
From: Lipcote
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Sports Top and Bra
From: OmActive
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Pendent 
From: Marnibree
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Haircare Bundle
From: Unsure
Entry: Unsure

Prize: Soup and Soup Mug
From: Crosse & Blackwell
Entry: Online Form: Instant WIn

Prize: Cleanser
From: Spa Finders
Entry: Unsure

Prize: Mrs Tillys Hamper
From: Mrs Tillys
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Brow Kit
From: Fab Brows
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Yoga Mat
From: Meglio
Entry: Twitter

Prize: A month's supply of Honest Brew
From: Emily Kirk
Entry: Instagram

Favourite Prize of the Month: The Lorna Jane top as I have been wanting one for ages!

How has your month been? Let me know in the comments below, especially if you think it's been quieter than the craziness of last month - although maybe it's nice to get a break!