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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

SuperLucky Secrets Giveaway

This is a post I've been meaning to write for ages - I received my copy of Di's Superlucky Secrets over a month ago, but I wanted to make sure that I had read it properly and if I saw a change in the types of prizes I was winning after applying these tips to my comping life. And boy did I see a difference.

I should begin by introducing Di Coke - a superlucky but more importantly superlovely lady (many compers really are lovely, as I explain here). She puts in so much hard work into not only her own comping, but sharing the comping word and those low entry comps she so raves about in her book. Her blog ( is full of inspiration, tips and (my favourite) prize unboxing videos. Now, before you think you can skip on buying the book and just read the blog, think again. Yes, the blog is an Aladdin's cave of comping info, but for those wanting to step the comping up a gear, the book really will be invaluable. It goes into so much more depth, with brilliant step by step instructions for some of the more technological competitions (even as a 20-year old student, I am rubbish with some modern technology).

Before I read Di's book, I was focusing more on Twitter competitions and instant wins - thinking the more competitions I entered the more chance I had of winning. In some cases, this may be true, but after reading SuperLucky Secrets I have come away with the fact that it's so much more about QUALITY than quantity of competitions you enter. It's the type of giveaway that you enter (the lower the entry the better) that will impact your winnings. I have now started to enter more effort competitions, which less people will enter than your average Twitter 'RT-to-win' comp, and have seen great results including £250 and an Apple iWatch!

Another main tip I learnt from Di was to be organised. I now have a pretty comping notebook and my phone is far more organised, making comping easier, less time consuming and therefore more enjoyable.

But I won't reveal all of Di's secrets on this blog, NO, I highly recommend that you buy her book, or even better, win it through my Gleam Giveaway below. Good Luck, and happy comping!


Friday, 15 April 2016

Instant Wins and Daily Comps

Instant wins and free daily lotteries are a solid part of my daily comping routine. Here I will link to the current Instant win competitions that are running, so that they are on in one place and easy for you to access.

I will update this regularly, but if I have missed anything, or any have closed, please do comment below and I will update this.

Find a list of monthly competitions <here>

Luck and Love!

Dorset Cereals: Spin to Win

  • Various Prizes
  • 3 shots per day

AO: Hit the Buzzer

  • Hit the buzzer and enter your email address
  • You will then be emailed with a link
  • Click the link to find out if you've won!
  • All players entered into a top prize of BGT Final tickets
  • Ends 5th June 2017

  • Match 3 or more items in a row to earn points
  • Get 1000 points in 60 seconds to be in with the chance of winning
  • Variety of prizes including vouchers and wafer bundles
  • Grand prize of Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

  • 4 plays a day
  • Costs 1 yeoken to play (can be collected from Yeo Valley packaging)
  • Also enter their monthly prize draw

  • Enter daily using the online form
  • Notification whether you win or not via email

  • Advertised on pack, but no purchase necessary
  • Weekly draw for family concert tickets
  • Overall draw for trip to London and singing lessons
  • Ends 5/5/17

For a list of daily lotteries, check out my post here.

Luck and love,