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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Prize Unboxing: December 2016

Prize: Urban Decay Mascara Miniature
From: Artemis & Xena
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Beauty Bundle worth £110
From: odettebeauty
Entry: Instagram
Notes: only 38 entries!

Prize: Heeled Boots
From: FyoUK
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Slippers
From: The White Company
Entry: Instagram

Prize: AA Skincare
From: Set of 3 FaceMasks
Entry: Instagram

Prize: CocoVita
From: Coconut Oil
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Tote Bag
From: ASOS
Entry: Online Form

Prize:  Terex Truck Merchandise
From: terex Trucks
Entry: Twitter

Prize: 4 Cereal Bars
From: Good Full Stop
Entry: Instagram

Prize: ProperCorn and Beer
From: ProperCorn
Note: Still no sign of the beer

Prize: Jeans
From: jack & Jones
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Black Mud Soap and CC Cream
From: Spa Finder
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Oven Glove
From: Whitworths
Entry: Purchase Necessay
Notes: I burnt my hand because I only had one oven glove...

Prize: Protein Kit
From: Ripped Kit
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Only & Sons Power Bank
From: USC
Entry: Instagram

Prize: £200 Love2Shop Vouchers
From: Ski Yoghurt
Entry: Online Form

Prize: £20 MAC Voucher (Mascara)
From: No Idea
Entry: Create your lipstick style

So that's it, the last Prize Unboxing for 2016! My favourite prize has to be the Love2Shop Vouchers and I loved having a wee day out with my mum and us both picking some new outfits!

Luck and Love, 



  1. Hey Lorna, I was just wondering how you find so many instagram comps. I check the tag #giveaway and the majority of what I find in foreign so I was just curious as to What tags you use :)

  2. Hi Lorna where are/who are the Instagram compers group as I'm not on FB

  3. ah some brilliant instagram wins there - well done! xxx