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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Prize Unboxing: October 2016

Prize: Craft for Christmas/Hobbycraft show tickets
From: Papercraft Essentials
Entry: Online Form

Prize: Notebook and Pen
From: Princes Square Shopping Centre (Glasgow)
Entry: Instagram (Follow and Like)

Prize: Purse
From: Lilac Rain Company
Entry: Instagram (Follow and Tag)

Prize: Skye Ross Album
Entry: Click-to-Win
(tips on how to win Click-to-Wins <here>

Prize: Well-being books
From: Watkins
Entry: Instagram (post a picture of you being #effortlesslymindful)

(Update: She let me pick another book from the site to say sorry, which was so nice of her!)

Prize: Lipgloss
From: Fashion Artista
Entry: Instagram (Follow, Like and Tag)

Prize: Eds Easy Diner Gift Card
From: Lotus Biscotti
Entry: Purchase Necessary/ Photo Comp

Prize: Go for Gold Mug
From: Pink Sumo
Entry: Instagram (Follow, Like and Tag)

Prize: Primal Pantry
From: 20 cereal bars, cycling jersey
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Tea Infuser Bottle
From: Chia Buddy
Entry: Instagram (Follow, Like and Tag)

Prize: £100 Dents Voucher
From: Dents
Entry: Instagram (Follow and Tag)

Prize: Squeezy Marmite
From: Top Cashback
Entry: Twitter

Prize: T-Shirt
Entry: Facebook

Prize: Paper Flower Book
From: Project Calm Magazine
Entry: Instagram (Tag a Creative Friend)

This month's favourite prize: My Dads Cycling Jersey!

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