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Friday 12 August 2016

A Day in the Life of a Comper...Leanne Baird

Hello! I’m glad we share this amazing hobby, do you have a story about how you got into it?

Hi Lorna! My name is Leanne, I'm 34 and a nurse. I used to enter competitions but was never too serious - I would buy puzzles magazines on a Thursday and when I entered a take a break comp, I won a South Africa safari! It was a trip of a lifetime worth £3000, everything included all for just 96 pence!
Wow! I would ask your best prize so far, but that sounds like it!! What sort of prizes do you prefer: physical prizes or experiences? Why?
I love winning experiences like nights outs. I have won a cinema trip and a murder mystery night. However it's always cool to get a freebie: I won a fantastic hair cut and colour deal!

What do your friends and family think of this hobby? Have you managed to get any of them involved?

My friends and family are very supportive and they put in requests of what they want me to win! My five year old nephew wants Lego and my nine year old niece wants make up, so no pressure! I like it when my prizes can be used to treat friends and family. My best friend entered a Facebook competition and won a Aurora hairband, so comping can be infectious.

Haha, I often get requests for things! It's like magic to them when it suddenly appears through the letter box! What are your top 3 dream prizes?

My three dream prizes are travel related as I love holidays, so a trip to Japan, Iceland and New Orleans.

Iceland is on my list too! What is your favourite method of entering competitions?

I enter Facebook, magazines and any other competitons. I like these methods because can get a wide variety of prizes, especially with Facebook. I sometimes end up with some very random items!

Any tips for fellow compers?

  • Be pro active, if you want to win something in particular - go for it!
  • I'm a big fan of cosmic ordering/ law of attractions so sometimes I'll write or visualise an order.
  • If you are doing postal comps decorate envelopes with stickers, 3 packs for a £1 from the works and jazzy/coloured envelopes.
  • I recommend subscribing to the compers news
  • You have just got to be in it to win it!
There was a famous comper called Helen Haskell and she won every competition she won she used this process called SPEC
  • Select it - select your prize
  • Project It - put it out there
  • Expect It - Expect your prize to come to you
  • Collect it - Imagine collecting it

Any final comments about this brilliant hobby?
It's just good fun and I love when I win random stuff like bottles of tequila and bags of popcorn, I wish everybody all the luck in the world!

Thanks so much Leanne, I loved your tips - SPEC will stick in my mind! If you enjoyed this and want to get involved yourself, send me a message! Email is, and find me on Twitter @LaurieBeat or Instagram @lornab22


  1. Hi -Lorna lovely to meet you - "Bob*" sent me! Some great tips here - I'll be brave and enter the next competition I see rather than just aiming someone else will win!!