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Monday 8 August 2016

A Day in the Life of a Comper… Jen O'Rourke

A Day in the Life of a Comper… Jen O'Rourke
Hello! I’m glad we share this amazing hobby, do you have a story about how you got into it?

I started comping when I was pregnant with my so,. on forums etc as there was always lots of comps. I joined Loquax and my first win was a hoover from a postcard comp. I was thrilled. Been hooked since!

And what has been your best prize so far?
Best prize so far has to be a family trip to Lapland. I took my son, sister and mum. It was magic and something i could never afford. This was from Womans Own magazine and sent away a postcard. I thought it was a wind up when I got a winning letter!
You seem to have had some luck with postcard comps! What is your favourite method of entering competitions?
I don't actually spend a lot of money entering comps. I rarely do postcard entry anymore as stamps are expensive. I'm really lucky on the radio & twitter so that's my fave. Radio you find out instantly as well which I love!
And you get 5 seconds of radio fame! What do your friends and family think of this hobby? Have you managed to get any of them involved?
As and friends are great. As you've said before in your blog...comping is definitely a way of life! My son always participates for photos etc...he wins his own comps as well! I'm known as 'the one that wins everything' in work 😂

Haha, that's a great nickname to have though! What are your top 3 dream prizes?
My dream prizes would be a holiday. Although I have been to NYC and Lapland - I'd love to go to Vegas. Cash would be nice as well. Id love to win Center Court tickets to Wimbledon for my mum one day.
Wimbledon would be incredible! Do you prefer physical prizes or experiences? Why?
I love all prizes. I don't enter things I don't need or want though...i don't see the point. I also love winning for family and friends. I've won holidays, days out, weekends away, tickets for friends and family are always grateful. I've never paid to go to T In The Park so i suppose experiences are best!
T In The Park is top of my list! Any tips for fellow compers?
My tips would be treat it as fun...its a hobby to me. I love creative comps as they are fun. Local comps are great as well...all the wee wins i get are great! I've done really well this year on twitter. Oh and definitely join Lucky Learners / read Di Cokes blog...its fab!
Any final comments about this amazing hobby?
I will be doing this for the rest of my life...its an amazing hobby! X

Thanks Jen for sharing your opinion on comping, if anyone wants to share their story, send me an email at or on Twitter @LaurieBeat

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