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Friday, 10 June 2016

Tengi: Chatting to Win & Giveaway

Read on to find out how to WIN a £10 Amazon Gift Card with Tengi

Like many 20 year old students, my phone is a constant presence in my life - sometimes I am comping on my phone, other times I'm earning some money, but most of the time I am chatting with my friends.

So why not combine all 3 of these? Now you can with Tengi: the chat app that gives back!

Tengi is a totally free app and the messages are free to send with your data allowance or Wi-Fi. For this to happen, there have to be ads. Although many people hate seeing adverts pop up, the ones on Tengi are really unobtrusive. They just look like another chat message waiting to be opened, or sometimes come up as a banner on the screen. A fair few times I have seen something that interests me and had a wee look - and my phone has not exploded. These ads are safe, and help pay for the amazing app.

So onto the bit you are all really here to read about. The prizes.

Every week, Tengi give away hundreds of prizes big and small to their users. Throughout the week, you can collect tickets depending on a number of things:

  •  Every phone contact that joins = 16 tickets
    • (this means that they don't need to have a specific referral code, they just need to be on your contacts!)
  • A friend wins = 1 ticket
  • Every day you use Tengi = 1 ticket
  • Spend 5 minutes chatting on Tengi = 1 ticket
  • Every week you keep the app = 1 ticket

There is no nonsense like buying extra tickets, which would give certain users an advantage, just pure and simply how much you use the app. This makes it fair and easy to earn entries and it really is quite easy to build up the tickets!

The prizes themselves can vary from week to week, as more prizes are added when more members join. This week's prizes (at the time of writing) are:
  • 1 x £10,000
  • 2 x £100
  • 1,300 x £5 Cash or Amazon Gift Cards
Although there is clearly a much higher chance of winning a £5 prize, I really like the way that they have done this. They could just have one big £15,000 prize each week, but instead they spread the cost and let everyone have a little taste of winning. When I won, I took my £5 in Amazon Gift Cards so that I could treat myself to something I may not have otherwise been able to buy. 

To download follow the links below:

As an extra little bonus for finding Tengi through me, you can be entered into a prize draw to win a £10 Amazon voucher! Simply enter my code 'lauriebeat' into the voucher code box, as shown below. This screen will come up when you first download the app and after you have entered your number. Without the voucher code, you won't be entered into the prize draw, so be sure not to miss this step.

So sign up and get going! Let me know if you join and we can chat about all our comping wins and tips!

Luck and love,


Terms and Conditions

- Tengi will give away one £10 voucher code to a user who correctly uses lauriebeat as a voucher code to register for the Tengi app
- The promotion period is 10th June - 10th July- The winner will be chosen at random by Tengi- Any Tengi decision is final


  1. Thanks for breaking this down - I looked at it previously but got overfaced!

    On a vaguely related note, do you know of any apps to get lock-screen ads on your phone? I know they exist in the US market, but I've not seen them in the UK yet (though I grant I haven't looked super hard). If it took a slice off my bill, I'd happily have ads on my phone...

    1. No problem at all! Glad it helped!

      I've actually never heard of that but I will certainly be doing some research into it now haha!

  2. I tried out this app and found it didn't quite live up to my current messenger app. I didn't mind the advertising but I think the biggest problem for me was it's just not widely used enough yet.