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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Beginning The Mission

As a student, I feel in a constant state of being skint. Maybe I am conforming to a stereotypical view of society, or maybe I really am just skint. Either way, I've been on the lookout for new ways to make money to get myself away from this.

GET A JOB!! I hear you cry...

Yeah, yeah, I hear ya, but there must be an easier way to get me by while at uni without interrupting my studies (education comes first you see. I not simply being lazy, right?).

That's when I heard of the hobby 'comping'. The art of winning things and using them to get you by without buying things. How hard can it be?

Well my friends, this blog is about finding out exactly how hard it will be - to save you the effort of doing all the scrolling through hundreds of pages of competitions, I'll be the mug that does it for you! Happily may I add.

Along with finding the best competitions, and trying to discover what tactics work best, I will also be trying to find ways to get by as a skint student in modern society without getting a job. Things like survey websites, product testing and being a secret shopper. Finding the best ways to sell things on eBay and if Etsy really is a site that can help people like you and me launch a business (or just fuel a shopping habit).

I will also be participating in a number of challenges to test out popular money saving ideas, and hopefully save some cash in the process. Things like 'Live on £10 for a week' and 'Survive from the food already in the cupboards' are in the line up (can you tell the titles are a working progress?) and I am up for any suggestions to other challenges along the way.

The research has already begun and I look forward to sharing my findings with you all. Thanks for your time readers and please share and follow me on Twitter @LaurieBeat - MissionCompetition Thanks again! :)

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