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Thursday 8 April 2021

March Prize Unboxing

 Welcome to my March Prize Unboxing! Wait until the end for perhaps the biggest prize of my comping career..?

Prize: Ring, £50 Voucher, Flowers 

Promoter: SVP Rings

Entry Method: Instagram

Prize: Anxiety and Sleep Capsules

Promoter: Unbeelievable Health

Entry Method: Instagram

Prize: Chopping Board

Promoter: Kinlochlovin

Entry Method: Instagram

Prize: 7 day holiday to Crete!

Promoter: Heart/Jet2

Entry Method: Radio

Wednesday 24 March 2021

WINstagram: 2021 Update


It feels like Instagram is constantly updating and changing, so it's time for another update! Instagram remains by best for wins, probably because it is so easy to enter! For a break down on different Instagram competition types, check out my old blog here.

Below are my top tips for winning on Instagram!

1) Beware of the scams (and extra entries) 

First of all, watch out for the scams that seem to be so popular at the moment on Instagram! If you get a message request from a company after entering their competition, check out their Instagram handle. Scam accounts are frequently messaging entrants from an account that is close to the promoters handle, but not quite (see example below). In general, the winning announcement will be from the same account you entered on, will not be a private account and will only ask the details needed to send the item to you!

In terms of extra entries, watch out for companies who ask you to do ridiculous things for extra entries. Things such as tag a friend, like the post and follow the company are acceptable, as is share to your story (but make sure to tag the company). However, when they ask you to like 4 previous posts, follow everyone the company follows (yup, that one is real) or tell your dog all about the competition, consider how genuine the comp is. If it is difficult to track entries, question if you want to spend your time entering. 

2) Create shortcuts for your tags

Instagram comps are ones you can enter relatively quickly, just as you are scrolling through your regular feed. One way to speed it up even more is to create a shortcut on your phone so that you can tag your usual comping friends in just three letters. 

To set this up on Apple go to Settings. then General, then Keyboard then Text Replacement. In there you can set up a phrase (for example @lornab22 if you're tagging me) and a shortcut (for example lor). Just make sure that the word you pick isn't one that you use a lot (I had a lot of typos in texts where I would namedrop @mustardbomb (hey Neill)). 

3) Follow small businesses

A great way for small businesses to get engagement is to run a competition. And a great way for a comper to win, is to enter competitions with low entries. If I'm short on time, I will check how many followers a profile has before entering. If it's hundreds of thousands, I won't bother. If it's a couple of hundred, I'll make the time. Also, keep an eye out for local small businesses when you're out and about and check them out on Instagram! Some small businesses I have won from recently (and that do regular comps) are:

@badgerbeers (has 6,000 followers but I've won twice so worth a go!)

4) Engage with the promoter

Although a lot of promoters say that winners are picked randomly, this isn't always the case. Especially for the smaller business comps, they will have more time to read through each comment. It could be a complete coincidence, but I have found that I won more competitions when I added a little personal message about the prize, rather than something generic or a simple tag. If you've got the time, it's worth commenting why you want the item, what you'd use it for or if you have a connection to the company (I won a Scottish themed chopping board by mentioning that I am a Scot abroad and miss my home country).

5) Don't be a private egg

Promoters want to give prizes to real people, and often not a "professional comper". So, make sure that your profile is public, that you have a profile picture (not the egg) and that you clear off any competition reposts from your main grid once a competition is finished. This also ties into tip 4, so try to leave genuine comments on the posts, rather than a generic "OMG winning this teapot would change my life, incredible, amazing, so cool", which may make you look like a bot. 

So there we have my 2021 WINstagram update. How do you find it for winning? Comment below your tips for winning, and your Instagram handle if you are willing to be tagged! See you on the 'gram!

Luck and love, 


Tuesday 2 March 2021

February Prize Unboxing

 My first month back to comping has been fairly successful. No big wins but a few lovely little ones:

Prize: Case of 8 beers

Promoter: Badger Beer

Entry Method: Instagram

Prize: Embroidered Hoodie

Promoter: Tate Espoana Apparel

Entry Method: Online Entry (Gleam)

Prize: Cheese Board and Vegan Sheese

Promoter: Veggie Magazine

Entry Method: Online Entry

Prize: 3 planners and a pen

Promoter: Complete Planners

Entry Method: Instagram

What was your favourite win this month and what are you aiming for next month? I'm going to set the task of winning a fitness watch! Check in next month to see if I manage...

Luck and love,