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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to Win the Lottery Without Paying a Penny

You hear all the stats about winning the lottery – you have more chance of having identical quadruplets (imagine the confusion) or winning an Oscar (if Leo can finally do it, we all should have faith). So why spend precious pounds for the incredibly slim chance of winning some back? Would you not be better to invest some TIME rather than money into some free lotteries?

The internet is full of these free lotteries that may have smaller prize pots, but a much much higher chance of winning – I know a few lucky winners myself! So here is a breakdown of some of the best free daily lotteries out there:

(Links to each of these can be found by clicking on each title)

This is one of my favourite free lottery sites, mainly because it is a little bit different and, as this site is relatively new in comparison to the others, you have an even better chance of winning!
As well as the lure of a possible £5 or £10 win with their 2 daily draws, you can earn something called Penguin Points - named after the super cute Penguin mascot of the site. I mean, who doesn't love Penguins?

To earn these points, simply visit the site each day, play games, comment and explore the site - with extra points if you read the blog and FAQ's. You can then spend these points on games like Bingo and a Scratchcard which give you a chance to win credits. These credits translate directly into money, and once you have built up £50 of credits, you get paid. Don't worry though, if you win the daily draw, you get your money straight off!

There is also a section for live chat with other members - another great way to make friends with other like-minded compers. For more on this, check out my post on making comping friends.

Simply sign up here and enter your birthdate to register and check back each day to see if you're the lucky winner. Definitely worth a visit, even just to see the cute Penguin holding cake!

2) The Free Postcode Lottery

Do you live somewhere with a postcode? Yes? Well it's as easy as that to enter the free postcode lottery! As this free lottery is more popular, the prizes are also bigger. There are 4 daily draws which reset at 12 noon (apart from the Stackpot which resets at 9pm) and each have varying amounts for prizes.

Every day that you visit, you get a 1p bonus. This adds up so that if, no WHEN (positive mental attitude people), you win, this gets added onto the amount that you won. Also, once your bonus get above £5, you are entered into the 'Bonus Draw'. Although this isn't as big a prize pot, every little helps!

3) The FreeEmoji Lottery

Launched as a sister site to The Free Postcode Lottery (above), the free emoji lottery is the new kid on the block.

With emoji's becoming a daily part of life, why not win a little money while we indulge our addiction in sending little pictures of monkeys covering their eyes in embarrassment (a personal favourite of mine). Simply pick 5 of your favourite emoji's (you can tell a lot by a person by their emoji's!) and each day at 7pm a combination will be chosen at random and you have 24 hours to claim, or the prize money generously rolls over. Although prizes are in $ (as it is an international site) it is still open to the UK and the money will be converted when it is paid via PayPal within 7-10 working days, or sooner!

If you're forgetful, fear not as you can sign up to daily email reminders to check your draw when out and about! Sign up using my referral link here.

4) The DOB Lotto

For this lottery, you just need your date of birth. Unlike the other lottery requiring your DOB (see the birthdate lottery above) there is only one draw open to everyone, but as of the 1st of April 2016 (not an April Fool's I swear) there will also be a Survey Draw, where you have to answer a quick survey before getting to see the winner. There is also a referral draw where, for every person you introduce to the lottery each month, you get an entry.

5) Ashleigh Money Saver

Ashleigh Money Saver is blog that gives great money saving tips and plenty of competitions. It also has a daily giveaway where you have the chance to win £50 every day - just log on to see if your name has been chosen that day! Also, if you manage to refer someone else, you get an extra chance to win £25 every day! Follow my link here to get started.

6) The Street Lottery

I have only recently signed up to this, mainly because I originally thought it was just for people in the US, as it talks about dollars. But no fear, it is also open to people in the UK and so I quickly signed up. Just enter your street name (similar to the Post Code Lottery) and keep your fingers crossed!

7) My Lucky Patch

This one is new to me but I love the idea! You simply find a 'patch' that is near you and claim it. You can get more patches if you walk about and find another orange square available to make into a 'patch'.

Each day, one patch is chosen to win. BUT, unlike so many other sites, if you are one day late, it doesn't matter - they allow you to claim yesterdays too! A great wee site, sign up with my referral link here.

9) Badger The Button

This is one I have only discovered recently, and although the prize pot is lower than some others, this makes me think it may be lower entry. And anyway, a wee free tenner is never to be sniffed at! You get one token a day (every token is an entry into the draw) just for signing up, and then another if you hit the button on the page! Simple! Sign up here.

10) Win Wonga

Win Wonga is relatively new, and it's a little bit different because you don't need to sign up! Simply visit the site, and if there's a Golden Ticket at the top of the page you're a winner! Not a winner the first time? Refresh the page and you could be! Explore the site for other competitions and free games!

There are others out there such as the Number Plate Lotto, I Love Cashback and the Lucky Phone Draw, but I don't have any experience with them, so wouldn't want to comment. If you have used these before, drop me a comment below or Tweet me @LaurieBeat  As there are so many lotteries, I would recommend signing up to the email reminders, so that you never forget to check. After all, wouldn't it be sickening to check the next day and realise you were yesterdays winner?

Have you ever won on these? Let me know below and let me know if you get lucky!

Luck and Love,



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  2. This is one I have only discovered recently, and although the prize pot is lower than some others, this makes me think it may be lower entry. And anyway, a wee free tenner is never to be sniffed at! You get one token a day (every token is an entry into the draw) just for signing up, and then another if you hit the button on the page! Simple
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