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Friday 26 February 2016

Mobile Comping: Enter Competitions on your Smartphone

Sometimes us compers just don't have the time to sit at a computer for hours on end entering giveaways, however much we want to. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. So how can you optimise your time when you aren't able to get to a computer? Or when the chair you're in is just too darn comfy? Here is a breakdown of my favourite comping apps, beyond the usual Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:

1) Tengi

Once, long long ago mobile phones were only used for chatting. I know. Crazy. Today we have so many ways to keep in touch - Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat...the list goes on. But there is one app that combines chatting and winning and that's Tengi - free on iOS and Android.

Every Friday winners are drawn from a pool of users - the more tickets that you have collected during the week, the more chance you have of winning. The prizes are 1 top prize of £1,000, 4 for £25 and hundreds of £5 prizes (which can be taken as Amazon vouchers).

To be qualify to win, you have to have opened the app at least once during the week and for the prizes of £25 and above, you need at least one contact. To increase your chances of winning, collect as many tickets as possible during the week. There are loads of ways to do this:

Every phone contact that joins = 16 tickets

(this means that they don't need to have a specific referral code, they just need to be on your contacts!)

A friend wins = 1 ticket

Every day you use tengi = 1 ticket

Spend 15 minutes chatting on Tengi = 1 ticket

Every week you keep the app = 1 ticket

Simple really! Let your friends know and you can get chatting with the added benefit of a potential win! Me and my comping friends chat about recent wins and competitions that have seen. If you want to add me on Tengi, drop me a Tweet (@LaurieBeat) and I will DM you back :)

Update: I just won £5 in my first week of using Tengi! Chose to get it as Amazon vouchers so I can treat my family to some good presents later in the year. :)

2) Wamo

Wamo updates with new competitions every day, so you're never short of things to win. The idea is similar to Pintrest in my opinion - you have to go onto a website and pick an item you Love, Hate, Want or Need and add it to the appropriate list. At first, it can seem a little confusing, so here's a little guide:

- Download the app and add an email address and bio to make sure you win. As an added bonus, add a photo too.
- Click on the challenge icon on the bar going along the bottom (it looks like a crown) and there you will see all the competitions that are currently open (the ones that are due to open are in black and white.)
-To start your entry, tap the photo of the challenge to link to the store website .
- Tap the camera icon to select from the photos on the website, pick your photo and add a comment.
- Clicking 'next' will take you to the lists, which will automatically be selected for you.


- Be sure to read the instructions, as sometimes the promoter wants you to pick something within a specific theme.
-Try to choose something that's not just on the homepage - show you've explored the website a bit.
- Most of the time, you only need one item, but you can add more items to the list if you want.
- Check if you are required to share on Twitter - if so, use the share icon at the top of the page

SuperLucky Di has a great video guide about Wamo. Check it out on her page here.

3) Blippar

Blippar is an Augmented Reality app which uses visual marketing to connect the buyer to the promoter. By scanning the product, advert, or code, you can unlock information about the product and sometimes COMPETITIONS!

It's a really cool app that brings to life the product. So many everyday items you already have can be 'blipped' and it can be used every day. Every promotion will be different, but keep an eye on the blippar facebook page to see what's current. Check out the current JuiceBurst competition - more details on their website

Here are my top blip tips:

- Look out for the blippar logo in magazines and adverts that tell you there is something 'blippable' about.
- Save an item to your favourites by tapping the star - this means you don't have to rescan items if it's a daily entry comp.
- Be patient, sometimes it can take a while for the product to scan, Try different angles and keep still.

4) Vouchercloud

For me, vouchercloud is a win-win situation. They have so many great deals, that you may never have to pay full price for a meal out again. As well as this, they have a competitions section.

To get to this section, tap the menu icon at the top left of the screen and you can see the competition tab. Here there will be a list of competitions and how long you have left to enter. The great thing is, they email you to confirm your entry and then again when they've drawn a winner. As a comper, it can be infuriating not to be kept in the loop, so this is a nice touch. Just enter and keep your fingers crossed!

So there you have it, my top 4 comping apps! Next time you're on the bus and looking for something to do, open up one of these apps. Just like buses - you never know when you next win will arrive. For ways to make money on your mobile, check out my Mobile Money post here.

Luck and love!


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