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Friday, 3 March 2017

Prize Unboxing: February 2017

Prize: 12 Bam Milkshakes
From: Bam Life
Entry: Instagram

Prize: £30 Scotmid Vouchers
From: Scotmid
Entry: Twitter

Prize: 5 Lipmate Lipbalms
From: Milly Cookbook
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Benfit Make Up
From: Benefit
Entry: Instagram

Prize: 2 Cracking Eggs
From: The Cracking Egg Company
Entry: Twitter

Prize: With Love Box
From: With Love

Prize: A Case of Soup
From: Yorkshire Provender
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Beauty Bundle and Skinade
From: Rainbow Cosmetics
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Valentines 
From: Potion London
Entry: Instagram

Prize: A Years Supply of Mornflake Porridge
From: Mornflake
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Up2Jawbone Activity Tracker
From: Amy Healthy Living
Entry: Instagram

Prize: X Factor Tickets
From: Gigs and Tours
Entry: Snapchat

Prize: Yoga Outfit
From: Fabletics
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Health Bundle
From: Windmill Organics
Entry: Instagram

Prize: Tea and a Mug
From: Ahmed Tea
Entry: Twitter

Prize: NewZapp Mug
From: MewZapp
Entry: Twitter

Prize: Personalised KitKat
From: KitKat
Entry: Purchase Necessary

Prize: Harry Potter Mug
From: Truffle Shuffle
Entry: Instagram

Favourite Prize This Month: Tricky one but I think I have to go for the X Factor tickets. Our seats were right at the front and I had such an amazing time with my Dad. Fingers crossed I'm lucky again next year!

1 comment:

  1. it's so good to see so many twitter and instagram wins. I've never really done masses of twitter ones but am experimenting with doing lots more this year to see how it goes. Instagram i used to want to keep free from looking too 'spammy' with comps but after having a few little wins i've started to enter more on there too. Have a great March x