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Saturday, 11 March 2017

McDonalds Monopoly

March the 22nd. Put the date in your diary. No, it's not the coolest festival coming to town, nor the world biggest pizza being given out for free, it's better... it's the return of the compers favourite - McDonalds Monopoly.

I only really got into this last year, as it was the first year I had a Maccy D's within walking distance. The other reason I got so into it, is that it is on at the same time that revision starts big time for uni exams. This means that when I was bored of the library (most of the time) or couldn't be bothered to cook (also most of the time), McDonalds was the perfect solution. I would sit down with my meal deal and whip out the study books.

So, how does it work? 

When you order certain foods, they will have a sticker on them - either an online code, an instant win or a sticker that resembles one of the Monopoly properties. Then, you can stick your property on one of the Monopoly Board sheets that you can pick up in the restaurant. These are either on the Tray Liners, or a pocket sizes fold up version can be found at the entrance or tills. Once you collect all the properties of the same colour, you win a prize!

Just like the classic Monopoly board game, some stickers are more valuable than others (everyone got fond memories of family bickering about who always collects the dark blues?). Mayfair and Park Lane are both the rarest and highest ticket items, so if you see one of them, grab it and and guard it with your life (last year one of these sold for over £1,000 on eBay).

What should I order? 

Certain items have more stickers than others. For example, a large fries has 3 while Mozzarella sticks have 2 . Sorry all you chicken nuggets fans, they have no stickers on them at all. Every Game Piece is either a double or a triple this year, meaning that there is always an Online Game sticker, and then either an Instant Win or a Property. The Online Game stickers have a code on them which can be entered online at any point during the game period (22nd March - 2nd May). Try to enter these at less popular times (such as early morning or late at night) rather than lunchtime or after school when people may be entering codes as they find them. However, with two winning moments a minute, don't feel the need to miss out on some quality sleep for it. Some prizes are of higher value, but all prizes are randomly distributed to winning moments throughout the day.

Not a McDonalds fan? Fear not! I often went in and bought a large Coke Zero (3 Stickers) to get me through my studying and wombled the rest (for more on wombling, see below). So what's best to buy? Here are the lists of Double and Triple stickered items:

Double: Medium Fries, Medium Fizzy Drink, Cadbury Creme Egg/Caramel McFlurry, Mozzarella Dippers, Regular Iced Frappé or Iced Fruit Smoothie.

Triple: Large Fries, Large Fizzy Drink, Premium Salad (excluding Shaker Side Salad), Chicken Legend (on own, with bacon or 3/5 pieces), Big Tasty (on own or with bacon), The BBQ, The Classic or The Spicy from The Signature Collection

Also note that the Shaker Side Salads, medium or large hot drinks and drinks served in bottles or cartons only get stickers when ordered after 10:30am as part of a Medium Meal (2 stickers) or a Large Meal (3 stickers).

Know the items that do and do not get your a sticker, and always, always, always ask for a sticker if your item didn't have one when it should. They began to run out last year and so many places just stopped putting stickers on the items. When I mentioned that the competition period hadn't finished yet, the manager magically found some stickers to attach to my items. Perfect. 


Sitting in McDonalds for a long time while I studied not only gave me a change of scene, but allowed me to do a fair bit of wombling too. Not everyone is a keen Comper, and so when they saw that their sticker wasn't an instant win, they just discarded it. Once they had left I would move over to their table and snap up the stickers. Even if you already have the property, you can swap 10 spare properties for a 1 month NowTV pass.

Some people may give you funny looks (it's all part of comping), but some people might actually help you out. Last year I had one guy chat to me about my comping and then before he left he gave me a massive bundle of stickers that he had been collecting. What a nice guy!

There is also the chance to womble on the streets (bus stops and McDonalds car parks are good) but this is far less hygienic so I tend to stick to the restaurant...unless it's Mayfair of course. 

From free meals (read free stickers) to £100k in Cash, there is a wide variety of prizes on offer. Even a wee £30 boohoo voucher or a NowTV pass is worth the odd trip to your local Maccy D's. So get involved and get ready to collect. I will be setting up a thread on my Facebook group for swapping properties and tips, so stayed tuned for that!

Played before? Comment below with your success stories and tips.

Luck and Love, 



  1. we've always loved this - with 3 kids that all love mcdonald's we're often there. We've had lots of little food wins there before like mcflurries which is great but one year my husband even got a £50 win so that was fab.

  2. It makes a normal trip to Macdonald's that wee bit more exciting! And who doesn't love free food? Congrats on the £50, hope you're lucky this year!